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Make Changes...

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Then what are you waiting for? You can be more confident and reach your goals with the use of hypnosis.  Let Pattie Freeman help you get there. 

What is the Hypnosis Band Weight Loss Program

There are no side effects and yes it is safe. All of these methods are done through hypnotherapy and your mind believes what it sees mentally through your visualization techniques.

Who is the perfect candidate?

If you have weight loss issues or you feel that you are overweight and really want to lose the weight and you can be committed to the program then you are a good candidate. The changes that you will see will amaze you as you see results immediately. You can begin to start anytime in your life and at any weight loss you need to lose.



What does the program include? 

The sessions include a series of one hour sessions plus a cd or a mp3 download with each session that you use to enhance the suggestions of your sessions. Your eating life style will be reviewed and then the process begins. During the sessions Hypnosis and nutritional counseling is part of the program. The Hypnosis Band will be mentally fitted and your life of weight loss effectively will begin successfully.

What Does the Program Cost?

The Hypnosis Band Program is cost effective, comparing to the Gastric Band surgery can cost you thousands of dollars. Hypnosis Band can save you money your food bills will be lower and you will look great and feel better then ever. Contact Pattie Freeman for the cost and details of the program.

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