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 Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI

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Make Changes...

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Then what are you waiting for? You can be more confident and reach your goals with the use of hypnosis.  Let Pattie Freeman help you get there. 

      Charisma, Memory, Improv, Stage Fright ...  

Are you nervous or stressed out before an audition?
Are you wanting confidence for a cold read?
Do you lack the self confidence?
Are you wanting positive results? 

Pattie Freeman CHT, CI, MST is a Certified Hypnotherapist and instructs a one-day seminar designed to teach you how to have access of your subconscious mind. Whether you are an up and coming Actor or a seasoned professional mental preparation is necessary to help you achieve your acting goals. 
Using hypnosis with actors, Entertainers, Voice Over Actors, and Comedians helps them memorize scripts and long monologues when otherwise they cannot get a handle on. It helps you create the character and can also allow you to go deeper into the character even creating accents and becoming a whole different person that is correct for the audition or role. It also loosens up the actor. Even with improvisation, in this relaxed state you are able to co-ordinate movement and dialogue in an easier fashion and it totally relaxes the actor into a state of 'going with the flow of what is happening' rather than over thinking it.”  
Do you have Stage Fright?   
Are you a person that paces...Do you get sweaty palms, perspire and even find yourself forgetting your lines. Eliminate those fears.  
Actors, Comedians, Entertainers, and Voice Over actors get stressed right before they audition and now you can have the mental edge to prepare for a more positive and productive reading. By performing self talk you can achieve not only positive but confidence so you can be able to perform or audition for that important role. Release and eliminate fears and gain confidence..  
Workshop information:  
If you have a class that can benefit from Hypnosis for Actors feel free to call and get a discounted rate for your class...learn relaxation skills, confidence and de-stress before a audition.  

what are you waiting for?